Care01 is 100% touch ready and is optimized for the use on tablets.
Your mobile practice is tailored to the needs of your medical specialty.
Easy to use: All tasks and features are accessible on the spot.
Health Records
All relevant patient information is clearly arranged and is available on the spot.
Patient Visits
Care01 was optimized for each specialty to accommodate its specific needs.
Reminder yourself or your patients of upcoming appointments. Include the appointment in your personal calendar and send a reminder as an e-mail or text message.
Medical Reports
Care01 has general and specialty specific report forms.

We can also customize the forms to meet your practice’s needs.

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Your mobile practice is ready to use just after your sign up.
No installation fees.
Low monthly costs.
You are free to terminate the service anytime.
List all invoices of day or a period and show the total turnover. Manage your invoices and track the payment status.
Referrals, confirmation letters and specialty specific forms. We customize the forms for you.

Just send us your logo and your form designs and we will adapt the form to meet your specific needs.
Customize Care01 to meet your needs. Create your own medication and service lists.

We also can assist you in the selection of your IT devices and the setup of your IT environment. Contact us if you have any questions.

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We take over your IT worries, so you can focus on your patients.
save your time and money. We handle all security issues and take care of your data.
We use state of the art technologies to secure your data.
Just contact us if you have any questions or concerns.
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Cloud Services
We already use cloud services in our daily lives by sending e-mails, order something in web shops and make transaction via online banking. Cloud services save a lot of time and effort, and make us flexible and independent.

Using Care01 brings you the following advantages:

  • Higher quality of documentation by using standardized forms.
  • Better search options save time in finding files and information.
  • Reduction of paper consumption. Saving the space which was taken by the files and folders.
  • Staying independent. You can use Care01 anywhere you are with any device connected to the Internet.
  • Predictable and transparent costs.
  • No installation cost and no maintenance costs.
  • No additional costs for hardware or software licenses.
  • Maintenance free (backups, system updates, licenses, hardware renovation , etc.)
  • The centralized system enables to deliver a better support.
  • Easy enhancement options and combination with other services and applications.
Take advantage of the latest technology and manage your practice now with Care01.