We take care about the safety of your data.
Latest technologies and security standards guarantee the highest protection of your data.
All personal data and communication channels are encrypted.
Every new entry and every change is logged.
We know the sensitivity of your data. Therefore, all personal data and all communication channels are encrypted with the latest encryption methods.
Only strong passwords are accepted. Regular reminders for password renewals are sent. Multi Factor Authentication is available.
The data is mirrored in separate data centers. Daily backups.
Every access is tracked. Each new entry and the last change are logged.
Secure, Compliant, Carefree
Your data is more secure with Care01 than on your own devices. No worries even if your device is destroyed, lost or stolen. You do not even need to restore a backup.

Your data is encrypted and only you can read it. It is up to you to set the security level for your access. The Multifactor Authentication feature makes the access more secure and your data a higher protection.

Care01 is compliant with the Austrian data privacy policies (DSG 2000) and the health regulations (GTelG 2012) .

Contact us if you have questions or need assistance.